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How To Maintain Fruit And Vegetable Cleaning Machine

author: HENTO          time: Aug 21, 2017

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Fruit and Vegetable Washer uses bubble bath cleaning,the principle is mainly used in the case before the equipment enclosure note right amount water, through heating tube to heat the water, the raw material after a box body, the combination of will and bubble machine and water under the action of tumbling state, and with the net belt to constantly move forward, when out of the water, high-end with the spray head, high pressure washing.
The maintenance of equipment is particularly important,correct maintenance can greatly extend the service life of fruit and vegetable washing machine.
How to properly repair and maintain the fruit and vegetable washing machine?
1.Adjustment of the chain: the adjustment is carried out after the motor stopping,press the chain in the middle of the two sprockets, the compression standard value is generally between 4 to 9 mm.
2.Preservation when not use for Long-term: When we want to save for a long time,some parts can be wiped clean,coated with oil to prevent the rust phenomenon.
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