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What's the function of black garlic fermentation machine?

author: HENTO          time: Jun 27, 2019

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Black garlic food nutrition value is high, the fermented black garlic can enhance immunity of success,antioxidant,and complement the advantage of the human body essential amino acids,the black garlic is rich in glutamic acid,can improve the taste of vegetables and vegetables,has been widely applied to high-level hotels,supermarkets,foreign organic products supermarket and hotel.
This machine is specially used in food processing industry to meet the requirements of food grade.The machine not only can perfect the fermentation of black garlic,but also can ferment high nutrition,high added value of black ginseng,red onion,black ginger and other products.

1. The native material is 304 stainless steel material,and no water is needed to avoid corrosion equipment;
2. Using the water of garlic to ferment,the maximum retention of nutrients,the product is full of sweet and sour and mellow fragrance;
3. High automation of automation equipment,controlled by PLC intelligent control system,with automatic control temperature and humidity function to ensure the stability of the equipment;
4. Improve the flavor and quality of black garlic,effectively shorten processing time;
5. Insulation of double layer insulation and energy-saving design;Simple operation,no wear parts,no maintenance;
6. Short fermentation cycle,low power and energy saving; Low power equipment,low cost;
7. The process design is reasonable and the yield rate is 99.5%.

Black garlic fermentation machine,precise structure,fast heating speed, high temperature control precision,automatic temperature control,timing system,dual temperature alarm device. Can be customized according to customer requirements,reasonable structure,high thermal efficiency,small noise,smooth operation.The enzymatic reaction of the black garlic processing method was ferment,and the enzyme fermentation was carried out continuously in the sealed container.
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