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This machine is suitable for producing samosa.After replaced the head of the machine,it can also produce dumpling,empanada, pierogi ,wonton,spring roll,pot sticker,etc.The products of the machine can be boiled, steamed, fried and frozen.

Scope of application:
This machine can be used in hotels, restaurant, group dining room, cake room, coffee shop, bakery, frozen food factory, leisure food factory, etc. 

Machine Photo:

1)The thickness of dough and stuffing quantity can be changed as required.
2)The shape of the products is beautiful.
3)Using PTFE Anti Caking Technology. Small resistance, good shape.
4)Stainless steel material, easy to clean.
5)Can be customized according to user requirements.


Forming Moulds Product Weight (grams) Size (mm)
5-7 43*20
8-10 50*26
15-18 65*30
20 70*30
25 80*32
35 90*45
Pot sticker 35 90*33
Samosa (Curry puff)
40(only HTO-JZ120) 100*100*100(only HTO-JZ120)
30 70*70*80
18 60*60*65
Spring roll  35-40 95*35
18 80*30
Wonton  8-10 55*55*53
Quadrate jiaozi 18-20 60*45

Model HT-JZ120
Capacity 7200pieces/h
Power 3kw
Voltage 220V
Weight 160kg
Dimension 990*470*1150mm



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