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1.This Commercial Sweet Making Machine: By squeezing out and taking shape the doughIt is a forming machine can produce a variety of unique design snacks and cookies billet.
2.Its advanced technology low cost accurate weight simple operation etc. are very popular with the masses of users and investors investing in the most ideal food machinery on the market at present.
3.The machine has a variety of mold can produce dozens of fancy cookies user can choose according to need to adjust themselves.
4.Forming design snacks and cookies unique shape pattern clear beautiful appearance.
5.The machine in the production of green can use rotary hot air circulation oven or tunnel oven to bake.
6.Besides the cookiesthe machine can also do:Custard Cookiesthe whole plate of cakepuff cakesesame stickChangBaiGaosesame cakeMelon seed pieceSeaweed biscuitcakeCutting biscuitbaby cakeswalnut cake etc. Can also be customized to different decorative pattern according to customer requirements.
1.The machine is made of stainless steel conforming to the hygiene standards
2.Easy cleaning;
3.The machine adopts the European security apparatus design.

Type  HT-CKG400
Capacity 100-150 kg/h (6holes)
Function extrusion,torsional, brace, wire cutting
Twist Infinitely adjustable
Voltage 220/380V, 50Hz
Power 2kw
Pressure 5-6kgf/m³
Pan size 600*400mm(L*W)
Working Width 400mm
Machine size 1600*900*1300mm
Weight 500kg



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