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This fried ice cream machine is specially used to make ice cream rollsits lowest temperature can reach -30℃.It is a disaccustomed stirring ice maker.
This Instant Ice Cream Rolls Machine is used to make various ice cream.Wide range of materials:all sugary pink liquidice creamraw fresh fruit juicesoy milksoft drinks coffee cola beer porridge etc.
The fried ice cream machine can use pure water plus a prepared formula and fruit drinks to create a variety of types of soft and hard ice creams.
The production out of fried ice cream machine have diverse range of food colorsyou can also add some decorations like fruitsnutscandybiscuits into it so that the perfect ice cream is rich in nutritiontaste greatrefreshing cool downwhich can also cater the tastes of different people.
Main Features:
1.All parts of fried ice cream making machine are made of 304# stainless steeluses the streamlined structure design.
2.The compressor is core of fried ice cream machineit adopts high-power compressors with high qualityfast cooling speed stable performance and life-time.
3.Our fried ice cream roll machine adopts advanced refrigeration technology100% copper tube refrigeration systemthe pan bottom is soldered totally the density of copper tuber reach 100%with good cooling effect and fast cooling speed is more twice than other factories’.
4.The fried ice cream machine has temperature show screenyou can control the temperature.
5.We can change the voltage as per customer's requirement.
6.We can install suitable plug as per customer's requirement.

Main Models:

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No. of Pans/Barrels
1Pan& 4Barrels
Pan Size



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